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How to Program Keyless Remote for 1996 Toyota Avalon

How to Program Keyless Remote for 1996 Toyota Avalon

How to Program Keyless Remote for 1996 Toyota Avalonthumbnail
Program your Avalon keyless entry at home.

The Toyota Avalon began coming equipped with a keyless entry system in 1995. The system allows the vehicle owner to lock and unlock the doors from a distance and includes a panic button that sets off an alarm when pushed. Losing or breaking a remote does not mean you are stuck paying a large bill at a mechanic or locksmith. A new remote can be purchased online and the vehicle owner can do the programming in just a few minutes.



things you'll need:

  • Keyless entry remote
  • Jumper wire
    • 1

      Remove the key from the ignition and open the trunk of the vehicle.

    • 2

      Look in the trunk near the driver's side hinge and locate the bulb failure warning module. It is a small plastic box that plugs into the wall of the trunk. Unplug the module.

    • 3

      Push one end of a jumper wire into terminal No. 2 of the bulb failure nodule space. Insert the other one into terminal No. 10. Listen for the doors to unlock and lock and for the trunk lock to engage. A jumper wire is any wire that has a metal core and will conduct electricity, such as speaker wire or any electrical wire.

    • 4

      Push any button on the keyless entry remote and listen for the vehicle to engage the locks again to signify that the remote has been accepted. Repeat this step with any other remote you need to program.

    • 5

      Remove the jumper wire from the terminals and plug the bulb failure nodule back in. Test your remote from outside the vehicle.

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